Phaune radio


Heure Titre Artiste Album
00:07 Eloy Deaf Center Pale ravine
23:59 Proverb (Steve Reich Remixed) Nobukazu Takemura
23:59 Phaune Radio - Avec un Ph... Acide Tony Regnauld Phaune Radio
23:58 As A Bird Watches The Eyes Of a Snake Blevin Blectum Magic Maple
23:53 Rivers Of Sand Christian Fennesz Venice
23:53 Interlude 1 (Wrinkled Earlobes Are A Sign Of Impending Heartattacks) William S. Burroughs Spare Ass Annie And Other Tales
23:52 Un Quart d'Heure de Culture Métaphysique Gherasim Luca
23:50 Tchaikovsky - Nutcracker, Dance of the Sugar Plam Fairy Timofey Vinkovsky & Igor Sklyarov Musik On Glass - glasharp | verrophon
23:49 La Fusée Interplanétaire (Extrait) Henri Chopin
23:44 Replaced By His Constellation Cyclobe The Visitors
23:43 The home of the American Bittern Cornell Lab Of Ornithology What is Missing
23:35 Cometa Murcof Cosmos
23:31 Sunrise Luis Antero & Jay-Dea Lopez Time Passes
23:30 One minute 24 Salakapakka Sound System Different faces of Triple-S (collected works 2004-2010)
23:29 Weisses Rauschen (Ausleitung 2) Atom™ Liedgut
23:25 Whoopy Snorp The Residents Diskomo
23:25 Sillon à Suspense Vynan Les Choses étant ce qu'est le Son
23:21 Corn Nils Frahm Explorers Club 7. Belfast- Reykjavik
23:19 Power Cable Cackle Peter Cusack Sounds From Dangerous Places : Chernobyl
23:18 A comme Animal - Le Domaine des Signes Gilles Deleuze Abécédaire
23:16 Alanson, Crooked River Sufjan Stevens Greetings from Michigan The Great Lake State
23:12 Spice (Bonus Track) Bernard Szajner Visions of Dune
23:08 Pierre-Percée, Lac fendu Marc Namblard Le Promeneur Ecoutant
23:03 Under an ancient fort Kate Carr Fabulations
23:03 Insectes - Papillon Nocturne & Plumets Life
23:00 The Flight of The Bumble Bee Takeshi Terauchi & The Bunnys Let's Go Classics
23:00 Ear you are... Phaune Radio Phaune Radio
22:55 The Labyrinth Song Asaf Avidan Gold Shadow
22:52 The Australian Gothic [Excerpt 1] Jay-Dea Lopez
22:47 Mantis Kimmo Pohjonen
22:45 Rescue From A Sandworm Kurt Stenzel Jodorowsky's Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
22:39 As Others See Us Shapednoise The Day Of Revenge
22:33 Blood Orange The Fruiting Body Nudibranch and the Moondew
22:32 The Game's Up Broadcast Berberian Sound Studio
22:28 Break The Silence Robot Koch Songs For Trees And Cyborgs
22:24 Another World Antony & The Johnsons Another World [EP]
22:19 Flicker, flow Kate Carr The Wire Tapper 41
22:18 The Wormhole Hans Zimmer Interstellar OST
22:14 Les beignets de la colère Vincent Tournoud
22:06 Cosmos I Murcof Cosmos
22:05 Je ne comprends rien... [avec la voix de Philippe Curval] Elise Dejy Sons d'Encre
21:59 Events for Tape Recorder Mel Powell