Phaune radio


Heure Titre Artiste Album
22:25 Arctic Hysteria The Residents Eskimo
22:23 Candyman Moriarty Fugitives
22:21 Distorting Mirror Alasdair Pettinger
22:19 La Pensée Sauvage Claude Levi-Strauss [Radioscopie]
22:18 On Recording Francisco Lopez [Place & Sound] [Place & Sound - ABC Radio Documentary]
22:16 Trolling Jack Nitzsche One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
22:15 Poule D'eau Jean-Claude Roché Chants Des 4 Saisons
22:12 Feeback TT Andrew Pekler Tristes Tropiques
22:10 Stalker - Untitled 17 Andrey Tarkovsky Andrey Tarkovsky Vol 4 - Zerkalo - Stalker
22:09 Butterfly Wonderful Childhood, Vol. 1 Cassette Box Set (Crystal Sound)
22:05 Trois Sirènes Claude Debussy
22:00 Rabbit Moon Cagey House [WaW040] June through the Window
22:00 Lama Cherba Chenten (Extrait) Chant Des Moines Tibétains
21:56 [Marocco] Water Flow in a swimming-pool Félix Blume
21:54 b6 Adeste Fideles Antique Musical Boxes Christmas Memories
21:49 The River Crocodile Kristine Barrett Lily Maude Horseman: Iowa
21:46 Gecko, Laos - Water Pump And Temple Orchestra Duet, Cambodia Unknown Artist - Sublime Frequencies Leaf Music, Drunks, Distant Drums
21:37 Palewakia Gamelan Virtuoses Vol. 2-Anthology Of The Music
21:34 Kiimaniityn Kutsu Kemialliset Ystavat Alkuharka
21:32 a1 O Tannenbaum Antique Musical Boxes Christmas Memories
21:28 Panique Onirique Soft Focus Soft Focus
21:27 Surviving is not relevant Autómata [Gabe Ibáñez] Autómata
21:24 Pagi Riang Orkes Kutilang VinyLab (Indonesia)
21:22 A History of Jazz An Interview Of Our Times Conducted By S. Petterstein
21:20 Expanse Hotel: Exotic Beach Ambrose Field v/a - CDCM Computer Music Series Volume 32
21:15 Arrumacao Uakti Orbitones, Spoon Harps, & Bellowphones
21:12 Lao Kratob Mai Johnny Guitar Shadow Music Of Thailand
21:10 Wild Rose Wonderful Childhood, Vol. 1 Cassette Box Set (Crystal Sound)
21:08 Elephant, Mosquito Spectre The Illness
21:05 Big Rock Candy Mountain Harry McClintock O Brother, Where Art Thou? [Deluxe Edition] [Disc 1]
21:03 Plananmento Non Troppo Daniel Capeille
21:01 Maria (The Wind) Gene Moles and the Softwinds
21:00 Suivez La Piste John Baker The John Baker Tapes - Vol. 1
20:57 Dardanella The Korn Koblers Korn Kobblers
20:54 Confessions of a Pig Monkey Journey to the West
20:50 Windstorm Wang Li Aspiration
20:47 Brain Fog Christina Vantzou No.2
20:40 Dragano Earworm Lea Bertucci The Wire - Below The Radar Vol 21
20:38 Goofy Peepl of Phobos Russ Garcia Fantastica (Liberty LST-7005 Stereo)
20:36 Lost In Space John Williams Brain In A Box: The Science Fiction Collection [Disc 2] : TV Themes
20:33 Evening Star Brian Eno & Robert Fripp
20:27 Wintermute Lauki ORIGEN / VVAA [Ref.001]