Phaune radio


Heure Titre Artiste Album
05:52 Ruckverzauberung 7 Wolfgang Voigt Pop Ambient 2013
05:51 La beauté nait du regard de l'homme, mais... Hubert Reeves L'Espace prend la Forme de mon Regard
05:46 Unfamiliar Wind (Leeks Hills) (1978-1982) Brian Eno The Early Gurus of Electronic Music cd3
05:42 Hills Virlyn Arctic Radio
05:41 Poultry In Mind Broadcast Berberian Sound Studio
05:33 Storm Force 8 Spaceheads Low Pressure
05:12 Strange Lines and Distances I Joshua Bonnetta Strange Lines and Distances
05:10 Watchingromanticindianmoviesathome. (u) Suetsu & Underwood The Love Album (Diskono 03)
05:04 Instability (Bonus Track) Sculpture Membrane Pop
05:00 By the Fruit Tree Helico Bacter [WaW039] helico bacter - Apple of Content
04:55 After All, Murder Is Just An Extroverted Suicide Given Willingly
04:51 Elder Bits Lesser
04:47 Excerpt From Dialects David Tudor Imaginary Landscapes - New Electronic Music
04:43 Cigognes & Hirondelles Marc Namblard Le Promeneur Ecoutant
04:38 Forever (Sunrise Version) Quiltland Sisto
04:33 Participation Mystique Nite Lite Megrez
04:32 World of Adventure John Lurie & Tom Waits
04:23 Song Of Extreme Happiness Rabih Beaini Albidaya
04:22 Bekki On Pills part 1 Cristobal Tapia de Veer Utopia (Original Television Soundtrack)
04:21 Fear is a Mindkiller Dune [David Lynch] Dune
04:20 Lilith, Singing In The Dark Bruno Spoerri 14 tracks dug up: Finders Keepers
04:19 Un organe légitime Victor Victoria [Blake Edwards] Victor Victoria
04:15 Pine Forest Virlyn Arctic Radio
04:12 Cri du Chat Syndrome RS. Pearson Hieroglyphic Audio
04:08 Cab Herion Out & About
04:08 Phaune Radio, Pour une Ecoute Sauvage [Martre] Phaune Radio Phaune Radio
04:05 Tongue Arca Xen
04:04 Language Removal Services William S. Burroughs Music Overheard CD 2 - The Body
03:53 Iridescence Hildur Gudnadottir Iridescence
03:50 Making Waves .Tape. Sea-Scaping Monthly in 4 or 5 Movements
03:38 Being Dufay John Potter, Ambrose Field Ambrose Field: Being Dufay
03:35 Le Renard Et La Rose Robert Normandeau
03:33 Outdoor Life Gorse May The Gorse Be With You
03:30 [Marocco] Water Flow in a swimming-pool Félix Blume
03:30 Nobody Plays That Tape Brainstorm [Douglas Trumbull] Brainstorm [Douglas Trumbull]
03:25 La Foret Est-Elle Vierge ? Jean Poinsignon Bestioles
03:23 Water And Wings Saw Trigge Phonography.Org 4
03:21 LAD Part 2 Julia Wolfe
03:16 eclipseday Extreme Weather Girl Singabouttheweatherreport
03:09 Illustrationer: Havkongens Slot Gert Sorensen & Else Marie Pade Electronic Works 1958-1995
03:08 Hydrophone/Lav Recording of 1000 Maggots in Sticky Wet Mud Richard Devine
03:03 Subaphonic Ez3kiel Naphtaline