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Heure Titre Artiste Album
21:47 Quad Time (Leafcutter John Remix) Origamibiro Collection
21:46 Jeux de séduction Jeanne Debarsy
21:42 Out of Sand @Twin Peaks Eddie Vedder Twin Peaks - The Return
21:40 Lodge Nest Nest
21:39 Inside River #1 Akira Kosemura In the Dark Woods
21:38 NAUGHTY CAT Cristobal Tapia de Veer National Treasure (Original Soundtrack)
21:35 Tropicolour Tom Dissevelt Fantasy in Orbit
21:33 Microglass shaken Annea Lockwood The Glass World of (1970)
21:25 Le Qoheleth ✚ Valerio Tricoli Miseri Lares
21:23 Short Circuit Harry Breuer and Jean-Jacques Perrey The Happy Moog! (Pickwick SPC-3160 Stereo)
21:20 Fantasy in Space Otto Luening History of Electronic Music
21:20 Mettez-vous à l'aise Mutliexerciseur K-Tel Mutliexerciseur K-Tel - face A
21:17 Beaver Patrol The Blazers The Birth Of Surf
21:11 Lament- 3. Pater Pecavi Einstürzende Neubauten Lament
21:10 Multi Minature Oleg Kostrow Commercial Album
21:07 Ocean Waves Crushing on the Chilean Shore Félix Blume
21:05 L'Oiseau Alain Goraguer La Planète Sauvage
21:05 Why you're here... Matrix [Andy & Lana Wachowski] Matrix
21:03 Gnossiennes #1 (Erik Satie) Glockabelle Live on WFMU's Dark Night of the Soul with Julie - May 16th, 2013
21:01 Listen to Michael Dickman Read Mouse Hunt The New Yorker
21:00 Air D'Alarme 1 Radio Kultura & Boris Efremov (Russia)
20:59 Carroussel La Rainbow Toy Orchestra Family Album
20:58 Wild Rover Various Artists All The Best Irish Drinking Songs
20:57 Deciduous forest whippoorwill Gordon Hempton (The Sound Tracker) Quiet Planet
20:56 Mind's eye The ISIS Smoking Cessation Programme The ISIS Smoking Cessation Programme
20:53 El Pajaro Que Escucha (excerpt) David Velez El Pajaro Que Escucha
20:53 Prenez quelques précautions simples Kotex, L'éveil Mystérieux de la Féminité (33T) Kotex, L'éveil Mystérieux de la Féminité (33T)
20:47 Home Way High Tone Outback (FX98)
20:44 The Coleopterous Charm For Romantic Adventure Louise Huebner Seduction Through Witchcraft
20:43 Untitled (8) Bellows Rustl
20:39 Rubber Johnny Aphex Twin & Chris Cunningham Rubber Johnny
20:38 WHAT IF HE DID IT TO ME? Cristobal Tapia de Veer National Treasure (Original Soundtrack)
20:37 Your Life Is About To Change Wrongs Cops [Quentin Dupieux] Wrong Cops
20:34 Asafra Populaire - Colombie Colombia: Cumbia, Bambucos & Pasillos
20:33 Je suis, Je suis... Quimbokat
20:31 Chant chuchoté et cithare Burundi Voices of the World 1 - Anthology of Vocal Expression
20:29 Ruby (July) Emil Richards New Sound Element "Stones"
20:26 Unknown Title Rainier Lericolais
20:21 Monitoring Is Possible In The Following Ways Mark Vernon Vibro No.3 Citizen Band
20:19 Le Rêve de l'Alyte Jean Poinsignon Bestioles - Le Temps S'étend...
20:11 Fearsome As Odd Danger The Evolution Control Committee Plagiarythm Nation v 2.0
20:08 D.N.A. Gamelan Son of Lion Gamelan in the New World, Vol. 1