Phaune radio


Time Title Artist Album
19:41 The Explorer Napoleon XIV The Second Coming
19:35 A Mechanical Playtime Dafake Panda A Glitch Experience
19:32 Divinites Irritées Pierre Henry Le Voyage
19:26 Sirenity Aaron Ximm Handpans and the Hang
19:26 Les Créations Originales - Le Texte Et Le Micro (Suite) Pierre Schaeffer
19:22 Mirror Structures (Mirrored) Andrew Pekler Tristes Tropiques
19:18 March Of The Doldrums Ergo Phizmiz The Wire - Below The Radar Vol 13
19:15 Distorting Mirror Alasdair Pettinger
19:12 01 36 m.e. in a silent room
19:10 Peesacho Edwin Torres Mmmzzz...
19:07 Dirty Old Town The Pogues The Very Best Of The Pogues
19:04 Misirlou Dick Dale & His Del - Tones Pulp Fiction
19:02 Gnossiennes #1 (Erik Satie) Glockabelle Live on WFMU's Dark Night of the Soul with Julie - May 16th, 2013
18:59 Walkabout Cristobal Tapia De Veer The Girl With All The Gifts
18:58 Lost Fur Karen O And The Kids Where The Wild Things Are
18:55 Dissolve Puce Mary The Drought
18:52 Wall of Windows Ambrose Field Storm!
18:48 Six White Horses Gillian Welch The Harrow & The Harvest
18:46 The Snow It Melts The Soonest Anne Briggs 1999 - A Collection
18:45 Wind or Flag? Alan Watts The Wisdom of Insecurity
18:44 The Typewriter Frederick Fennell / Leroy Anderson Conducts the music of Leroy Anderson
18:40 Icicles Jakob Lindhagen
18:40 ...Over the edge Bloodborne Bloodborne
18:36 Ripples on an Evaporated Lake Raymond Scott & The Evolution Raymond Scott Rewired
18:34 Killer and Gun Zheng Huei Li The best album of Hongkong singers 1977 (Ge-Ling Records)
18:33 Spin Off John Baker The John Baker Tapes - Vol. 1
18:28 Dian's Family Bernie Krause The Dreams of Gaia
18:28 M-O Thomas Newman Wall-E
18:26 Timonya Radio Kultura & Boris Efremov The Tradition Of Wind Instruments
18:25 Hippo proche 1
18:20 Ceremony Behind Screens David Toop Screen Ceremonies
18:20 Siberie, imitations d'oiseaux 1
18:19 My Old Tune Okapi & Aldo Kapi's Orchestra Love Him Vol.2 Early (1914-1926)
18:15 Rachmaninoff: Song of Grusia Clara Rockmore The Moogs Present Clara Rockmore, Virtuoso Theremin
18:12 Samaii Hijaz Kar Kurdi Chahadé Saadé Excavated Shellac
18:11 A Conversation Between Two Red Ants Charlie And Todd Party Fun With Recorders Volume 1
18:08 The Mooche Duke Ellington Strange Interludes
18:05 Dvorak - Humoreske Timofey Vinkovsky & Igor Sklyarov Musik On Glass - glasharp | verrophon
18:04 Loup Jean-Claude Roché Chants Des 4 Saisons
18:03 Jeyran (Gazella Subgutturosa) {Cub} Sounds of Nature
18:01 Schnee Stimmhorn Schnee
17:58 Liva (Martinique, French Carribean, 1932) Leona Gabriel Hot Women - Women Singers From The Torrid Regions