Phaune radio


Time Title Artist Album
15:27 Words in the Shape of a Tree Steve Roden Flower & Water
15:25 Minerals The Knife Tomorrow, In A Year
15:18 Breathing in Birds and Others Laetitia Sonami Meta Gesture Music
15:13 Listening to an edge of the Hoh rainforest Loren Chasse
15:10 When I’m In Awe (feat. Gonjasufi) The Gaslamp Killer Death Gate
15:09 My Tiny Butterfly Moondog Moondog 2
15:03 Home Way High Tone Outback (FX98)
15:01 The Pond (Remembrance - 1906) Charles Ives
15:00 Doughnut Jocko Willink Psychological Warfare
14:57 Walter Walter Gracie Fields
14:54 I've Got a Pain In My Sawdust Mae Questal Silly Old Songs
14:51 Johnson's Old Gray Mule Mainer Band Sounds Of The South. Disc 4. American Folk Songs For Children
14:51 Musician Wren (Cyphorhinus arada salvini) - Troglodyte Arada Nick Athanas xeno-canto
14:48 Heinzelmännchens Wachtparade (Flibbertigibbets) Klaus Wunderlich Uraltedelschnulzensynthesizergags (Telefunken SLE-14765-P Stereo)
14:44 + Chib Moco
14:44 Let the Heat flow Star Wars Star Wars
14:42 La Ville Philippe Besombes Willkommen im Weltraum – Nostalgia For An Age Yet To Come
14:39 Bye Bye Blackbird Gene Austin Peaky Blinders
14:39 Stand by me Radio Debout (Clémence) Circus Jumbés
14:31 Lene et la mer gelée Aline Penitot Fair Play 2
14:27 All You Are Going To Want To Do Is Get Back There The Caretaker An empty bliss beyond this World
14:25 Des kazakhs, des juments Vincent Tournoud
14:24 Parasite Trailer (1982) Parasite Parasite
14:20 Sepia (for Dieter Moebius) Chester Hawkins Alrealon Musique Presents:-:::From A to U:::
14:19 Birds Deux Filles Deux Filles ‎– Silence & Wisdom / Double Happiness
14:14 Dread And Dreaming Avia Gardner More Than Tongue Can Tell
14:13 Ireland An Irish Lullaby Various Artists Soothing Songs For Babies
14:13 Destroy Or Dominate The Human Race
14:08 For You pt. 1 Shlohmo Shlo-Fi EP
14:08 Fight or Flight - What if..? (S1-E2) Zoo [Scott Rosenberg]
13:59 Subduction Alyssa Moxley Underdrift
13:56 Moving on Nick Cave and Warren Ellis White Lunar
13:56 Sounds Of The Wild•*¨*•.¸¸ Phaune Radio Phaune Radio
13:56 Amour ho merde Guy Debord
13:55 Bird Slips Out of Egg Erdie
13:54 The Moomin Hornpipe (Part One) Graeme Miller Comet In Moominland
13:53 Ladybug's Picnic Uncanny Valley Muppet Mashup
13:52 Blue Whales in Range Produced by Dr. Roger Payne Deep Voices
13:49 Madame Foyer Unknown Artist - Sublime Frequencies Radio Palestine: Sounds Of The Eastern Mediterranean
13:48 An Invisible Monster Approaches Louis & Bebe Barron Forbidden Planet
13:43 Carmen Andrew Kazdin & Thomas Z. Shepard The Mighty Moog - Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog (But Were Afraid to Ask For)
13:40 A Lion's Heart The Tallest Man on Earth The Wild Hunt