Phaune radio


Time Title Artist Album
09:18 La marche du silence Beatrice Thiriet Alexandra David-Néel, j'irai au Pays des Neiges (Musiue du film de Joel Farges)
09:18 Musk Deer (Moschus Moschiferus) {Meal} Sounds of Nature
09:16 Storm clouds Firesign Theatre KPPC Hour Hour clip Feb 1970
09:13 Farm Bradien Up Up Treasures / Trim
09:00 Arrakis Hans Zimmer The Art and Soul of Dune (Companion Book Music)
09:00 Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun•*¨*•.¸¸ Phaune Radio Phaune Radio
08:55 Come Along Cosmo Sheldrake The Much Much How How and I
08:52 Send In The Vipers Mezz Mezzrow & his Orchestra The Sky is high and so am I
08:50 Au royaume des insectes (Insecticide : Le Cobra) Alibert Les trésors de la radio (1930-1950)
08:48 Kinkajou Les Baxter & His Orchestra Ritual of the Savage
08:45 Pink Panther Bobby Mc Ferrin
08:44 K2r Raymond Scott Manhattan Research, Inc. (disc 1)
08:42 Woobap Scat Daniel Huck & Eric Gemsa
08:41 Mr. Rabbit's Game Cristobal Tapia de Veer Utopia (Original Television Soundtrack)
08:38 Sh-Boom (Life Could Be A Dream) The Gaylords Sing American Hits In Italian
08:35 La vigne aux moineaux Dranem Anthologie de la chanson française enregistrée 1930-1940
08:30 Because to Why Mira Calix Eyes Set Against the Sun
08:29 Petit Rorqual (Balaenoptera Acutorostrata). Boris Jollivet Orchestre Animal
08:25 Danza de los Brujos neønymus V
08:22 Solid Potato Salad (1943) Ella Mae Morse
08:22 Platycleis denticulata (decticelle chagrinée) — Orthoptère / Tettigoniidae André-Jacques Andrieu, Bernard Dumortier Entomophonia : Chants d'insectes
08:20 Take This and This and This Bob Brunner That Darn Cat (Buena Vista 3334 Stereo)
08:16 Forbidden Fruit Nina Simone Divas Exotica
08:14 Arizona Yodeler Cackle Sisters Yodel!
08:13 Moog Shots 22 Sam Spence De Wolfe 3247 - The Art of Synthesizer
08:10 Kijk Eens In De Poppetjes Van Mijn Ogen Annie De Reuver & Karel Van De Velden Greatest Hits Of The Millenniu
08:10 Chanson Alsacienne Radio Debout (Clémence) Circus Jumbés
08:07 Conspiracy part 1 Cristobal Tapia de Veer Utopia (Original Television Soundtrack)
08:06 Loutre ricanement Jean-Claude Roché & Boris Jollivet Guide sonore des Mammifères d'Europe
08:04 Butterflies (1952) Jeanne Gayle
08:02 Who's Ready for Tomorrow Rat Boy, IBDY Cyberpunk 2077
07:59 Magical Mystery Box Bruno Alexiu CEZ4081 - Paranormal
07:57 The Jumpin' Jive (Remastered) Cab Calloway 100 (Digitally Remastered)
07:54 Cartoon For Scott Bradley David Shea Shock Corridor
07:51 Liniendicke AGF
07:49 Hit Single Heart
07:46 Hunting Tigers Out In 'Indiah' The Bonzo Dog Doo-dah Band Tadpoles
07:43 Sigumendar Syamsudin Folk and pop sounds of Sumatra - volume 2
07:41 Three Note Oddity The Conet Project The Conet Project: Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations
07:40 Calypso In A Box Colleen Colleen Et Les Boites A Musique
07:36 La Foret Est-Elle Vierge ? Jean Poinsignon Bestioles
07:35 Great Zoos of the World Delia Derbyshire Radiophonic Workshop 21 (1979)