Phaune radio


Heure Titre Artiste Album
19:42 Quand Jean Renaud de Guerre Revint Alfred Bastin Belgium: Ballads, Songs and Dances of Flanders and Wallonia
19:37 Fleure Autechre Exai
19:36 Cygne Chanteur Oiseaux (Océan Arctique) Europa Artica
19:36 ...Amateurs d'émotions fortes... Cinq Histoires Étranges [Pierre Schaeffer] 10 Ans D'essais Radiophoniques 1942/1957 - Vol. 1 - Disque B
19:35 Find Us On The Internest•*¨*•.¸¸ Phaune Radio Phaune Radio
19:30 The Saint Anna VVM White Death (vukzid13)
19:28 Another blue night The Tape-Beatles Music with Sound
19:21 Swamp So Percussion Treasure State
19:21 Envie de te blottir ? Tenue de Soirée [Bertrand Blier] Tenue de Soirée
19:20 Speedy Gonzales Eddie Safranski More Phonoanomalies for Hi-Fi Bugs
19:17 El Misteri Del Triangle Del Vermut Pascal Comelade A Freak Serenade
19:13 Uska Dara Eartha Kitt Revisited
19:10 The Second Law IBM 7090 Computer Music from Mathematics (Decca DL-9103 Mono)
19:07 You Gotta Quit Kickin' My Dog Around The Oldtime Stringband Gotta quit kickin'my dog around
19:05 Mario Theme Greg Pattillo
19:02 Lady Midnight Leonard Cohen Songs From A Room
19:02 Imaginary Friend (S0203) Mr Robot [Sam Esmail] Mr Robot
18:55 Flowers Fade Fast... Blevin Blectum Gular Flutter
18:52 Les Oiseaux de Passage Georges Brassens La Non-Demande en Mariage
18:49 Eagle Beak Raymond Scott & His Orchestra Toonerville Trolley - 1940-1944
18:46 Do-Re-Mi Sister Jean, P.M. The Sound of Music (Private Pressing Mono)
18:46 Go Compilation NASA Voc
18:45 Nekoosa Paper Oldies - Radio Ad Radio Ads
18:40 Veils And Mirrors Glynis Jones The Radiophonic Workshop
18:38 Topaz (November) Emil Richards New Sound Element "Stones"
18:33 Don't Take My Furniture Away! Gluid The Metamorphosis EP
18:31 The South Seas Can-Can (Trobriand Islands) Stanley Wilson Pagan Love (Capitol ST-1552 Stereo)
18:28 Liva (Martinique, French Carribean, 1932) Leona Gabriel Hot Women - Women Singers From The Torrid Regions
18:27 Par Le Trou De La Serurre Pauline Carton
18:23 Bororo Andrew Pekler Tristes Tropiques
18:21 Pizzaria George Fields Harmonica Favorites (Tops L1665 Mono)
18:20 Chocolate Shake Duke Ellington
18:17 Vitamin C CAN Ege Bamyasi
18:17 Northern Cardinal Song 1 Cornell Lab Of Ornithology Voices of Eastern Backyard Birds
18:13 Night Owls Leyland Kirby Intrigue & Stuff Vol.1-4
18:10 The Bearded Lady Theme Free the Robots The Killer Robots
18:10 Radio? Once in a while... Radio Days [Woody Allen] Radio Days [Woody Allen]
18:08 Toundra Eric Gemsa
18:07 The Frogs Wooing John Baker BBC Radiophonic Music
18:06 The Ocean Doesn't Want Me Tom Waits Bone Machine
18:03 Watermelon Rick Powell Switched-On-Country (RCA Camden CAS-2398 Stereo)
17:52 Mush Room The Residents Mush-Room