Phaune radio


Heure Titre Artiste Album
18:33 Moondog Suite Kenny Graham Moondog and Suncat Suites
18:30 Santa Lucia Johan Dalgas Frisch Symphony of the Birds (MGM E-4442 Mono)
18:30 Thank You, Really... Bloodborne Bloodborne
18:26 Landlordia Ching Ching
18:21 Cataracts Objekt Flatland
18:18 Howl Tanya Tagaq Animism
18:16 In Yadayn Pendel
18:15 Voices3 Charlie Morrow The Vikings
18:14 Lemon Rumped Tinkerbird Chris Watson Outside the Circle of Fire
18:14 For this world... Mr Nobody [Jaco Van Dormael] Mr Nobody [Jaco Van Dormael]
18:05 Dancing In Your Body and Head The Master Musicians Of Jajouka The Source
18:01 Açış Oguz Buyukberber Ara
17:56 Un volcan sur la mer Irvic D'Olivier - Stromboli
17:53 Killer and Gun Zheng Huei Li The best album of Hongkong singers 1977 (Ge-Ling Records)
17:53 Fauve Qui Peut•*¨*•.¸¸ Phaune Radio Phaune Radio
17:51 Page One Clem Leek Lifenotes
17:49 Challenge Jonathon Storm The Dreams of Gaia
17:49 Absurde et sans aucun fondement Kotex, L'éveil Mystérieux de la Féminité (33T) Kotex, L'éveil Mystérieux de la Féminité (33T)
17:47 Part One Pitman's Gramophone Course of Pitman's Gramophone Course of Typewriter Keyboard Instruction
17:46 Better Baked Brownie Cookies Ad Radio Ad
17:39 Yamatsuki Ichiban (Op. 1) Matthieu Choux Deux Pièces
17:35 STCTS Bora Yoon / Ben Frost
17:34 Lemon-Lime Merengue The Music Makers Music to Drink Bubble Up By (Radio Recorders RR 25339 Mono)
17:34 Venezuela Amazonian Forest And Narsh (Extrait 1) Jean-Claude Roché American Forests & Lakes
17:32 The tap water dream Ballpen The dreams trilogy
17:28 La Morue La Bolduc
17:27 Flea Circus Twink Miniatures Volume 2
17:22 a music of sound systems (wireshaped edit) Spatial Shape Platform 2016: Sound, Heterogeneous Art And Performance In Europe
17:22 Give Up Every Hope?
17:21 La Poule Qui Couve Goadec Sisters Celtic Mouth Music
17:14 Body of Water Veronica Simmonds
17:14 Spinning Wheel [Edit] Sounds Galactic Moog Breakbeats
17:10 It's All Forgotten Now Ray Noble & His Orchestra The Shining [The Unofficial Soundtrack]
17:04 Histoire Naturelle Ou Les Roues De La Terre: Les Courbures Du Globe Pierre Henry 8.0
17:03 Beethoven - Obertura Fidelio Y Sinfonica Eroica - Obertura Okapi & Aldo Kapi's Orchestra Opera Riparata: Tribute To Bruno Munari
17:02 Finger Food Spoonbill Zoomorphic
17:00 Catwoman - Side 1 Chan Pao Chu Catwoman
16:59 Ici Paris The Day of the Triffids [Steve Sekely, Freddie Francis]
16:56 The Night Before Kevin Blechdom MULTI-TRACK A CAPPELLA
16:53 Bird of Paradise The Voices of Walter Schumann Though Not a Word Was Spoken (RCA Victor LPM-1266 Mono)
16:50 QUARXS : Voltophage, Paléoquarxs ou Electricien ? Maurice Benayoun Les Quarxs
16:49 Retour Des Hirondelles Amélie Agut Micro Macro