Phaune radio


Time Title Artist Album
23:12 Of Dreams Oval Ovidono
23:10 P Is For Piano Massive Attack Danny The Dog
23:03 Vineyard Philip Samartzis & Daniela d’Arielli A Futurist's Cookbook
22:56 _Sealevel.7 Simon Scott Below Sea Level
22:53 On The Return Gray Acres Dreams And Phantoms
22:46 Give Shape to Space Mikael Lind Give Shape to Space
22:41 The Sleeping Lady Ocean Viva Silver Ħal Saflieni
22:40 Open Fields Cristobal Tapia De Veer The Girl With All The Gifts
22:38 I offer prosperity and eternal life... Valgeir Sigurðsson Draumalandið
22:29 Resignation Godafoss ORIGEN / VVAA [Ref.001]
22:24 Dismantle Piece Origamibiro Collection
22:22 Peeking Hordes mu fa or All Creatures Sing
22:21 Composing with Sounds Francisco Lopez [Place & Sound] [Place & Sound - ABC Radio Documentary]
22:20 One Minute Listening Scanner Scanner
22:20 New Delhi Railstation, India, 2011 Clément Baudet
22:17 Glass Therapy Solfeggio Tones Pseudo Echo Science
22:13 Sketch 7 Tim Hecker Dropped Pianos
22:11 Mermaid Sonologyst Unexplained Sounds
22:10 Le Tunnel Sylvain Chauveau Nuage
22:05 Love Theme From Ai No Bakudan Terre Thaemlitz Lovebomb
22:03 Fragment II Jóhann Jóhannsson Orphée
22:01 Ecureuil & pb micro Rodolphe Alexis
22:00 Avec Conviction Et Avec Une Tristesse Rigoureuse Erik Satie Erik Satie En Blanc Et Noir
22:00 It Spells...•*¨*•.¸¸ Phaune Radio Phaune Radio
21:58 Recitation du Rig Veda Inde (Kerala) Voices of the World 1 - Anthology of Vocal Expression
21:57 Gray Wolf Cornell Lab Of Ornithology Unexpected Voices of the Wild
21:57 Insect Hidden Chris Watson Fly On The Wall - Bethany's 2005 Premium
21:54 Tennessee Stud Walter Brennan
21:53 バイオレンス 松前公高 - Matsumaé あなたはキツネ1- You are the Fox
21:48 Microclimates III-VI: Water Fall (Microclimate V) Natasha Barrett Bouteilles De Klein
21:44 Fuge Re(ve) Benoit Ear You Are, Bruxelles - Masterclass Chantal Dumas
21:36 Tropisme Aliocha Van der Avoort Métamorphoses 2000
21:35 Blow Away the Morning Dew Nils Brown Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (Sea Shanty Edition, Vol.2)
21:34 Le Drogué à la Frite Richard Gotainer Poil à la Pub
21:32 Rock 'n' Roll Yodeling Guy Sakura and The Quests Puppet On A String
21:31 Oompa Loompa Song #1 Willy Wonka
21:29 Burkit William Ryan Fritch Birkitshi - Eagle Hunters In A New World
21:27 Pay No Attention Sarah Boothroyd
21:21 Dzovarev Ara Malikian 15. CD 1
21:21 Manicaland Eastern Zimbabwe Frogs And Toads Anthony Walker African Sounds At Dusk
21:19 Effervescence Dimitri Coppe
21:11 A Brief Explanation / Head Over Heels Deadbeat LPs 2002-2005