Phaune radio


Time Title Artist Album
01:17 Biogenesis Eliane Radigue Metamkine - Cinéma pour l'oreille
01:16 Laura Scudder's Potato Chips Unidentified Artists Best Radio Commercials of the Year 1967 (Private Pressing Mono)
01:15 We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow The Caretaker We'll All Go Riding On A Rainbow
01:12 Les Folies Françaises Matmos Supreme Balloon
01:08 Tilliboyo (Sunset) Kronos Quartet Pieces Of Africa
01:08 Le Son Féroce...•*¨*•.¸¸ Tony Regnauld Phaune Radio
01:01 Dawn Jacaszek Gardenia
00:57 Marefjellet Nest Retold
00:47 Song Of Extreme Happiness Rabih Beaini Albidaya
00:41 pöllön pentu Kuupuu Lumen tähden
00:37 Obscura Fuzzy Lights
00:34 13_2B_The Blade Roly Porter & Mushin Paper Beast (OST - Vinyl OST)
00:29 Medication Valse Jack Nitzsche One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
00:28 Paysage Sonore : Rythmes De Battages Au Fléau Habitants De Glomel France : Une Anthologie Des Musiques Traditionnelles, Vol 1 Bretagne
00:23 Sonderangebot Neu! Neu!
00:19 The collapse of time Bill Seaman The Epiphanies
00:18 Underfloor Garry Schyman Metamorphosis (Original Soundtrack)
00:15 Ocean Waves Crushing on the Chilean Shore Félix Blume
00:15 Insectes - Papillon Nocturne & Plumets Life
00:09 Music for Wind Lewis Gilbert Roundstone
00:04 La patience des limules D'incise Cendre et poudre
23:58 The owls were calling that dark, dark night Kate Carr Landing Lights
23:58 Old Feeling Alan Watts The Wisdom of Insecurity
23:53 Briefly Seen Xela The Dead Sea
23:39 Fragile Balance (2014) Jürg Frey Grizzana and other pieces 2009-2014
23:34 Electrostatic Forest Alio Die Circo Divino
23:31 Mangler Fish Ekoplekz Intrusive Incidentalz, Volume 1
23:25 Tiny Tunes, Metamorphoses: Starfish Phaune Radio Tiny Tunes From The Wilder World
23:18 Flight From The City Jóhann Jóhannsson Orphée
23:14 Yoda's Theme The Evil Genius Orchestra Cocktails in the Cantina
23:14 Bruant Rustique Oiseaux (Océan Arctique) Europa Artica
23:13 Harbor Harmonic Scott Sherk Phonography Compendium 1
23:10 Towards Daedalus Nick Cave & Warren Ellis Mars (Original Series Sountrack)
23:08 Maya's Song A Whisper In The Noise To Forget
23:05 Finite Cloud Nicolas Snyder Temporary Places
23:05 Spin Off John Baker The John Baker Tapes - Vol. 1
23:04 La Disconnessione Vincent Eoppolo
23:01 Forest To Desert Sarah Boothroyd
22:47 Les vents du Camargue Arsenije Jovanović Galiola: Works for Radio, 1967-2000
22:46 Love Theme / Squeezit and the Chickens Danny Elfman Forbidden Zone
22:44 Water Chenard Walcker Water, wind and sails
22:38 Chion's Cricket Jim Lee Zaum