Phaune radio


Heure Titre Artiste Album
20:51 Behind Harco Pront Jibberish
20:49 A Garden Laurie Spiegel Obsolete Systems
20:48 Twinkle Twinkle The Left Rights Bad Choices Made Easy
20:45 My Hindoo Man Van Eps Banjo Orchestra Crazy Old Jazz
20:43 A Big Bear Grizzly Man [Werner Herzog] Grizzly Man
20:41 Good Night Messer Chups Crazy Price
20:39 Welcome to Mayfield Pl. Jerry Goldsmith The 'Burbs
20:37 tünel Justin Bennett The Well
20:37 Hidden & Secret Layers Jacob Kirkegaard [Place & Sound] [Place & Sound - ABC Radio Documentary]
20:33 Preparation And Blast Off The Voices of Walter Schumann Exploring the Unknown
20:30 Truth in Advertising Negativland Truth In Advertising
20:30 Atari Corporate Tag Suzanne Ciani Music Minus Music (Compiled by Andy Votel)
20:20 Threnody (for the victims of Fukushima) Carl Stone Meanwhile in Fukushima
20:13 Mileece's Reduction Off the Sky Studies Of Form In Transit
20:06 Fearsome As Odd Danger The Evolution Control Committee Plagiarythm Nation v 2.0
20:04 GR-248 Streets of the City Philip Green EMI Photoplay Q6-006
20:03 Prairie field sparrow Gordon Hempton (The Sound Tracker) Quiet Planet
20:01 Flower Bed Rajput & the Sepoy Mutiny Flower Power Sitar (Design SDLP-280 Stereo)
20:00 Sigh Simon Mathewson Drahtreste
19:59 Martian Melodies Dickie Goodman (1961) album
19:57 Turn Your Radio On The Dinning Sisters American Country Lady
19:56 What Is Humidity Tom Glazer Weather Songs (Motivation MR 0322 Mono)
19:53 Matières à réactions (1996) Yves Potvin Miniatures concrètes (Empreintes Digitales 9837, 1998)
19:50 Il Grillo (ocarina) G. Pacchioni Fly On The Wall - Bethany's 2005 Premium
19:47 Downtown (German Version) Petula Clark German Delights
19:42 Bitter Hill Sarah Ballard Museruole Call
19:39 Cadeau d'Anniversaire Jean Poinsignon Bestioles - Le Temps S'étend...
19:36 Chicken Farm Fanaro
19:33 Vortexian Waltz Wisteriax vs. Fred Yarm Interplanetary Materials
19:32 Mattachin Delia Derbyshire The Lost Works of Delia Derbyshire
19:30 Seventy Years From Home The Colossal Ithaca Trio A Winter's Gift
19:29 On My Horsey Moloko Do You Like My Tight Sweater?
19:29 Soft Feeling Chassol Ultrascores II
19:25 Mr Fisher Hans Zimmer Inception (Expanded Motion Picture Score) - CD1
19:25 It Spells...•*¨*•.¸¸ Phaune Radio Phaune Radio
19:22 Can-Can Dick Schory Holiday for Percussion (RCA Victor LSA-2485 Stereo)
19:19 Elephant Hunting Song Anón Mbuti Pygmies of the Ituri Rainforest [4041Smithsonian Folkways]
19:16 Pagan Love Song Milt Rogers The Ultimate in Percussion (Dot DLP-25319 Stereo)
19:13 Trois Rêves d'oiseau : …moqueur François Bayle 50 ans d'acousmatique
19:08 Sora Dawn Lang Elliot Dreams Of Gaia
19:07 Sweet Home Alabama 8 Mile [Eminem]
19:04 Hamster Haircut 3 Stinky Picnic Hamster World