Phaune radio


Heure Titre Artiste Album
21:40 Red River Ignatz I Hate This City
21:39 The Izu Dancer 伊豆の踊り子 Hibari Misora 美空ひばり Flowers Scroll Hibari (Hibari No Hanaemaki )- Tokyo Radio "Song From the Windmills" ひばりの花絵巻~ラジオ東京「歌の風車より」~
21:35 Midnight Sun Andre Montero Featuring Paul Tanner Music for Heavenly Bodies (Omega OSL-4 Stereo)
21:32 Farewell My Own True Love The Coughlan Sisters
21:31 Awake Raymond Scott Manhattan Research, Inc. (disc 1)
21:28 An Owl's Nesting Box THF Drenching Fight-Bus 4 Life
21:24 Jungle Wild Jaws vs Paws Jaws vs Paws
21:22 Birch Sap Birch Book Fortune & Folly (volume II)
21:20 NAUGHTY CAT Cristobal Tapia de Veer National Treasure (Original Soundtrack)
21:16 Diajar Nyanyi Sunda Irama India
21:11 Toadstrip Demdike Stare & Billy Green Make Do & Mend EP1 Vinyl
21:10 Cinq Grimaces - II Coquecigrue The Moog Synthesizer with The Camarata Contemporary Chamber Orchestra The Electronic Spirit of Erik Satie
21:01 Monkey & Bear Joanna Newsom Ys
20:59 Que Sera Sera Prabha Devi Sitar Goes International (Kaybee KBLS-110 Stereo)
20:55 Morning in Gdansk Hotel Gromada Amazonian Rovers
20:51 This Island Earth (a. Main Title b. Shooting Stars) Herman Stein Classic SF, Fantasy & Horror Films
20:51 What Are You Listening? Wrongs Cops [Quentin Dupieux] Wrong Cops
20:46 Arthur's Birds Teebs Ardour
20:46 Etre à l'écoute de la Nature Hubert Reeves L'Espace prend la Forme de mon Regard
20:45 Borbannadir with finger strokes across lips Tumat Kara-ool Tuva, Voices from the Center of Asia Smithsonian Folkways, 1990
20:44 Un Chat Miaule Et Ronronne La Bergerie Nationale J'écoute Les Sons De La Ferme
20:38 Rao Rao Sublime Frequencies Radio Thailand: Transmissions From The Tropical Kingdom [Disc 1]
20:37 Three Blind Mice Twink The Broken Record
20:32 A Conversation With Death Llloyd Chandler High Atmosphere
20:26 Vertiges Christine Groult Fair_Play One
20:23 Head Hunter Don Ralke The Savage and the Sensuous Bongos (Warner Bros. W-1398 Mono)
20:23 Cigogne Blanche Fernand Deroussen & Christophe Aubel
20:20 Far From Any Road The Handsome Family Singing Bones
20:17 Radio caca Jean-Marc Biencourt
20:11 Miss You - Midnight Train The Fujii Culture Shock
20:07 Canto Del Pilon Maria Marquez & Frank Harris Potatoes
20:05 Tercera noche Mudejar Al-Son de musulmanes, judios y cristianos en Al-Andalus
19:59 Fuga Félix Blume Phaune Box #1
19:56 Run Rabbit Run Flanagan & Allen Songs That Won the War: Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of VE Day
19:52 Bali - Guimbardes-Grenouilles Peuple De Bali Terra
19:52 Conversation de Lions Radio Scolaire [Réseau Canopé]
19:50 Valse À Tui Jean Poinsignon Bestioles - Le Temps S'étend...
19:49 Wagner - Walkirie - Vorspiel Okapi & Aldo Kapi's Orchestra Opera Riparata: Tribute To Bruno Munari
19:48 Church In Hell Brian Hodgson & Delia Derbyshire The Legend Of Hell House
19:43 Rabbit Moon Cagey House [WaW040] June through the Window
19:43 The Inbetween
19:40 Sulawesi By Day In Forest Unknown